519 Miles to GMA, Why do I taste Lysol?


Good morning!

Our morning drive thru brought an unexpected color splash reflective of last night’s sunset.

Today is the last push to Mission. Traffic is Dallas is brisk.

We have been disinfecting everything as we touch and are using hand sanitizer religiously. Those efforts have led to an unfortunate incident with my Invisalign. Pete decided to use my hair dryer to dry his toothbrush before putting it away. His zeal with the dryer evidently caused a “great whirlwind” sent my Invisalign on the counter aloft sadly landing on the bathroom floor. “Um, you might want to disinfect those…” Weighing my options, I chose the Lysol spray. I can still taste it, that can’t be good. All I can say is 1. I’m glad he told me and 2. I’m glad the toilet seat was down.

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