Google Classroom: How to Reply to Private Comments from Gmail.

Private comments in Google Classroom are a wonderful thing. If a student has a question about a particular assignment they are able to send a comment privately to their teacher. Awesome. When teacher sees the questions they can type a comment back. It’s cool to be able to see all the questions or comments a student has for a particular assignment in one place. It’s even cooler that teachers get a notification by Gmail when a student add a private comment to an assignment. What’s not to love?

Well, you might feel differently if you tried to reply to the notification just like your other Gmail messages. To respond to a private comment within Gmail you need to click the REPLY button within the message. If you use the regular reply arrow your response will never get to your student because the message sent to you was not from the student’s Gmail. A closer look will tell you that the message is from a no reply Google Classroom address.

Email screen shot showing the automated Gmail and  REPLY button users should click.
You can’t reply to this Gmail the way you usually do.
Your student will never get your comment.

So, to use the Google awesomeness you need to click the blue REPLY button rather than the reply arrow in regular email.

Don't use the reply arrow in Gmail.

519 Miles to GMA, Why do I taste Lysol?


Good morning!

Our morning drive thru brought an unexpected color splash reflective of last night’s sunset.

Today is the last push to Mission. Traffic is Dallas is brisk.

We have been disinfecting everything as we touch and are using hand sanitizer religiously. Those efforts have led to an unfortunate incident with my Invisalign. Pete decided to use my hair dryer to dry his toothbrush before putting it away. His zeal with the dryer evidently caused a “great whirlwind” sent my Invisalign on the counter aloft sadly landing on the bathroom floor. “Um, you might want to disinfect those…” Weighing my options, I chose the Lysol spray. I can still taste it, that can’t be good. All I can say is 1. I’m glad he told me and 2. I’m glad the toilet seat was down.

A Small Change in Plans

I’m a hands on learner. Turns out that’s not a helpful quality for a traveler. Turns out you need a whole heap of executive function to plan things out. We’re closing in on Joplin and need to make some decisions about where to stay preferably near Dallas. That would make Friday’s trek about 7 hours.

If anyone has any executive function to spare, we could sure use it. Thoughts?

Update: Tech to the rescue. HotelTonight to narrow it down then Expedia to seal the deal! We have a place to stay and I won’t have to stay in the van down by the river. We have lots of wipes and Lysol spray, so we’re set.

When it Rains…

I’m on my way. See my trip progress and arrival time on Maps:

Starting to rain. Pete is on a Zoom meeting with his school. They are trying to figure out where to go from here as far as school is concerned.

The rain is making it really hard to hear. Not sure why they aren’t using Google Meet at this time. Google Meet can caption in real time! Oh well, I’m sure they have their reasons.