Education: It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

I love my job. Being a high school Innovation Specialist/Librarian has allowed my to help others along their journey with ed tech and information literacy. I am driven by learning and sharing what works and that was the plan as I proposed last April a session for our state’s largest ed tech conference, SLATE, the following December. I asked my Principal and an elementary Innovation Specialist to join me. Our session’s title: “What did COVID teach us about teaching and learning? Mini Lessons Learned in Ed Tech”. I imagined taking a moment to have teachers recognize and reflect how we rose to the occasion as we were asked to do something we’ve never done as a whole, online teach. Last April I couldn’t imagine the place we are in now. Almost a full month in to school and in many ways we are right back where we started. Since August I have been thinking about our presentation. As September fades I wonder about my December plans for SLATE. Would what I and my colleagues have to offer have an appeal to anyone? Do we have the energy to even present and would others have the energy to engage? I have been dreading finding the answers to those questions as I am afraid of what I’ll find.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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