Google Tips and Tricks (1.0)

Vr and Immersive Learning


SLATE 2017

Remember ThingLink

While putting together a information for a chemistry research project I rediscovered the magic of ThingLink. ThingLink brings your graphics to life quickly and allows for a media rich digital resource. If you haven’t used it or have forgotten about it, now might be a good time to take a look.

ThingLink Chemistry Resources

Screen Shot of ClassLink

Haters and Trolls on Internet, Oh My!

While sharing our newest literacy collaboration tool, Biblionasium, with students the issue of internet trolls came up and I wondered how many of us know what is an internet troll. An internet troll is a person who says things on internet discussion sites with the intention of making people upset. They seem to exist to only bring attention to themselves and get others to follow their lead. Taken seriously, they can really cause hard feelings and cause quite a stir in what otherwise might be productive discussions. Common Sense Media has a good, less than a minute, explanation  video among their parent resources dedicated to combatting Cyberbullying.

Interested in knowing more? Common Sense media has some really great resources for parents, students and teachers trying to navigate the internet in a safe way.

 5 Tips for dealing with Haters and Trolls

Going to Pieces over Math Pieces Chrome App

With tax time around the corner perhaps money is on your mind. This app can help you count it! Actually, it can help you teach your students how to count money in a very interactive fashion. Users of SmartNotebook know that there are many kinds of interactive activities for math instruction but this app is made specifically for counting and using coins. Sometimes you want something quick and you want it now, Math Pieces, by the Math Learning Center, might do just that. Did I mention that it is free? Here is a site to help you find the Math Pieces Chrome along with other good Chrome Apps for math made just for you.

Math Apps

EdPuzzle and Google Classroom

I wanted to share with you an exciting discovery of mine regarding EdPuzzle and Google Classroom.

EdPuzzle is a tool that lets you assign videos to your students. Not just any videos but videos that you can trim and add your own questions and comments to. If you are not yet using it, it’s worth a look.

Google Drive is part of Google Apps for Education that allows for smooth communication between teacher and student as well as streamlining the distribution of assignments and activities.

Recently I found that EdPuzzle makes creating a classroom a snap if you already have students in Google Classroom. That magic happens with the “Import from Google Classroom” button. Select an existing class or Add class and then “Import”. Sweet.

Plan B

Do you have a “Plan B”?

Last week’s web page outage made me think out the importance of  Plan B. I would like to preface the following statements by stating that web page outages like the one my district experienced last week are rare. Our IT department works incredibly hard to keep everything running smoothly however not everything is within their control. Last week’s hack was a great example. That being said, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little piece of mind with a Plan B.

You’ll find my Plan B below. It is a very small Symbaloo with links to my most basic and frequently used websites. Making and sharing your own Symbaloo is pretty easy; if you can cut and paste links you have all the skills to make your own. They even have their own free version called EduSymbaloo that includes a network of great link collections that you can add to your own.

Visit EduSymbaloo and see if it would help you with your Plan B. Meanwhile, if you are from my district you could open the symbaloo below and bookmark it for easy reference.