Where in the World Can You Find Over 100 Historical Maps? Google Earth, Of Course.

I enjoy maps, always have. Maps tell us where to go and where we’ve been. I also enjoy history, it’s kind of hard to teach 20 years of social studies without developing an affinity. Now comes the good part, Google Earth Voyager is now showcasing a new interactive tour with over 100 historical maps and overlays hand-selected by David Rumsey from his private collection of over 150,000 maps. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Maps are organized by time, place and scale. When selected, the maps appear as an overlay on Google’s 3D globe.

Like a growing number of Google Voyager offerings, this one has embedded information and multimedia. Be sure not to miss the excellent embedded video on the origins of David Rumsey’s map collection and the importance of maps. This entire tour has something for nearly every grade level which makes it a reference worth bookmarking.

Let me know what you think of this collection.

Mrs. Hanke Phoenix Middle School

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Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, & Volcanoes

Big Ideas

Plate tectonics accounts for important features of the Earth’s surface and major geologic events.

  1. #10 DOS 3 (ISN p36)
  2. #11 QUIZ DOS 3
  3. #12 Earth’s Structure E(ISN p52)
  4. #13 Scientific Method Quizzer
  1. How to make a fortune teller
  2. What ours should look like.
  3. Help with the scientific method.  Make up 8 questions from this page.
  1. Tectonic Snack Lab
  1. Notebook File
  1. DOS 4


Social Studies

Ancient Cultures

  1. #13 Social Studies DOSS 4 ISN p 24-25
  2. #14  QUIZ DOSS 4
  3. #15  Election Map and Data ISN 34-35
  4. #16  Ice Man Summary ISN p 30-31
  1. PBS Video
  2. Additional information about Otzi, Closer Look,  Even more.
  1. Mesopotamia Section 2 Notebook File

National Geographic mesopotamia video clip