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Mrs. Hanke Phoenix Middle School

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Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, & Volcanoes

Big Ideas

Plate tectonics accounts for important features of the Earth’s surface and major geologic events.

  1. #10 DOS 3 (ISN p36)
  2. #11 QUIZ DOS 3
  3. #12 Earth’s Structure E(ISN p52)
  4. #13 Scientific Method Quizzer
  1. How to make a fortune teller
  2. What ours should look like.
  3. Help with the scientific method.  Make up 8 questions from this page.
  1. Tectonic Snack Lab
  1. Notebook File
  1. DOS 4

Social Studies

Ancient Cultures

  1. #13 Social Studies DOSS 4 ISN p 24-25
  2. #14  QUIZ DOSS 4
  3. #15  Election Map and Data ISN 34-35
  4. #16  Ice Man Summary ISN p 30-31
  1. PBS Video
  2. Additional information about Otzi, Closer Look,  Even more.
  1. Mesopotamia Section 2 Notebook File

National Geographic mesopotamia video clip

Did you feel that? Earthquakes

Have you ever wondered what the Earth is made of? Is it solid, liquid, hot or cold? Can you drill the the other side of the Earth?
Our class has been tackling these questions and more. Below is list of some interesting links.