Cold Day Science

Another cold day in Wisconsin!  Dangerously cold weather has kept us all inside but just because you’re not in school is no reason to stop learning.  I’ve always wondered what happens to things in the bitter cold and have been fascinated by crystals so when suggestions of blowing bubbles when its cold started showing up on the internet I just had to try.  Below is a little video that documented my efforts.  By all means, try this at home but make sure you are bundled up and don’t stay out too long.

I’ve added the tools I used to the video.  This project gave me good reason to learn how to use Soundzabound from to incorporate royalty free music.  If you are from Wisconsin and have yet to use the resources of, I would highly recommend it.

Watch and wonder as the bubble blown starts to crystallize.  You can actually see the crystals forming around the bubble.  

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