Cannonball Run meets Zombieland aka a Mission to Mission

Grandma, 96 young, is stuck in Texas. Day 4 since schools have been shuttered. Originally my sister and I were going to drive down during Spring Break but as the virus spread widened I felt our window of opportunity narrowing. With Pete’s school closing we decided we needed to leave sooner. Today is the day, we are underway and I want to talk about it.

I’ve always wanted to have a journal. Trouble is you have to keep up with it. My bedside table is littered with a few false starts. So I don’t know how successful this digital attempt will be but these are strange times.

How does one pack for the plague? I know I overpacked. My sister has let us use her van and I’m grateful for the room.

Want to know the plan? Drive to Texas, pack up grandma and drive back. That’s it.