Kids would actually change their online behaviour if they knew their parents were watching [Report]

Definitely food for thought. Parents should never underestimate their influence.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about the relationship between children, their parents, and the Internet. Most of us would probably agree that parents need to educate their kids about getting the most out of the internet while staying safe. The problem seems to be that, although parents worry about their kids, they are unable, or unwilling, to take the necessary steps to create the next generation of Netizens.

The truth of the matter is that the Internet is an 18+ world – always has been. Kids need to be shown early on how to navigate and keep themselves (and others) safe and productive online.

The 2013 McAfee Digital Deception Study explores the online disconnect between parents and pre-teens, teens, and young adults. This 23-page report makes it clear that many parents’ perceptions are out-of-sync with today’s online reality. Some of their findings include:

  • 62% of parents don’t think their…

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Found! Right from Ruben himself, SAMR Ruben R. Puentedura’s Weblog

 Ruben R. Puentedura’s Weblog has been found!  Ok, it wasn’t lost, I just found it.  It’s actually been active since 2003 but it’s taken this long for me to notice.  Dr. Puentedura has made available to all his thoughts, slides, resources, wisdom, as well as 10 years of archival information regarding technology initiatives.  It looks well worth the visit.

Ruben R. Puentedura’s Weblog.

SAMR with an i, Downers Grove District #58

The following is from the Downers Grove District #58 web site on SAMRi.  They have taken Dr Ruben Puentedura’s work describing the stages of technology integration and put their own special spin on it for their teachers.

Professional Development: Become SAMRi / What is a SAMRi?

The SAMR Ladder of Questions and Transitions
• What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?

Substitution to Augmentation:
• Have I added an improvement to the task process that could not be accomplished with the older technology at a fundamental level?
• How does this feature contribute a design?

Augmentation to Modification:
• How is the original task being modified?
• Does this modification fundamentally depend upon the new technology?
• How does this modification contribute to my design?

Modification to Redefinition:
• What is the new task?
• Will any portion of the original task be retained?
• How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology?
• How does it contribute to my design?

via Professional Development: Become SAMRi / What is a SAMRi?.

Apps For Achievement

Apps For Achievement

At Apps for Achievement users are able to search for apps to meet their specific needs.  Have a standard you have to meet or subject to teach?  Apps for Achievement is clearinghouse complete with ratings and reviews to help you choose the best app for you and your students.

Online Text Editor – Collaborate With Friends

Try a more immediate collaborative text editor. When I first started sharing and collaborating with others I though GoogleDocs was the best thing since sliced bread. You would first create a text document and add the contact information of whomever you wanted to share and collaborate with. With the online text editor there is no logging on, no contacts to enter just share the URL and your are off and running.

Online Text Editor – Collaborate With Friends.