SAMR with an i, Downers Grove District #58

The following is from the Downers Grove District #58 web site on SAMRi.  They have taken Dr Ruben Puentedura’s work describing the stages of technology integration and put their own special spin on it for their teachers.

Professional Development: Become SAMRi / What is a SAMRi?

The SAMR Ladder of Questions and Transitions
• What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?

Substitution to Augmentation:
• Have I added an improvement to the task process that could not be accomplished with the older technology at a fundamental level?
• How does this feature contribute a design?

Augmentation to Modification:
• How is the original task being modified?
• Does this modification fundamentally depend upon the new technology?
• How does this modification contribute to my design?

Modification to Redefinition:
• What is the new task?
• Will any portion of the original task be retained?
• How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology?
• How does it contribute to my design?

via Professional Development: Become SAMRi / What is a SAMRi?.