Does anybody really know what time it is?

Working with Google Calendar today an older Chicago song with the lyric “Does anybody really know what time it is?” is on an infinite loop in my head. With Google Calendar, everyone can stay on the same page. With it teachers can keep track and share assignment due dates, send invitations to parents and peers to collaboration sessions and be notified when planned events have changed. GAFE has another feature not available for the general public, appointments. After feedback from educators, this feature was brought back from Google’s chopping block because of its usefulness in an educational setting. If you have yet to work with calendar I would highly recommend it.

One thought on “Does anybody really know what time it is?

  1. True! That is what I think I am going to do with mine. Thanks for being my bud, Kathleen. I am much more relationally motivated than technologically motivated. I appreciate how you go out of your way to make our lives and teaching easier. Have a great summer!!

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